Message from the HoD

I am delighted to write on behalf of the Department of Language Education (DLE), School of Education. I have recently been a part of this Department, after having served Kathmandu University for more than two decades in roles as diverse as Chief of University Communications, Head of the Department, Coordinator, Associate Director, and member of different committees and task forces; and having designed and taught such varied courses as English, Technical Writing, Managerial Communication, Logic, Media Studies, and Academic Writing, among others. 

I am also glad to note that DLE involves a team and network of seasoned scholars in language education and English language teaching. We now stand prepared to take language education, literacy, and communication to novel avenues.

On behalf of DLE, I wish to highlight the following commitments:

  • DLE will grow as a prominent center of English studies in Nepal, keeping open the possibilities of running short-term and long-term literacy programs in national and international languages in the years to come.
  • While the engagement of the established mentors continues, DLE will seek support from the pool of young scholars, especially our own alumni. DLE will continue its legacy of quality education while forging innovative and sustainable programs.
  • Our graduates are widely known for research literacy, pedagogical training, material development, and professional competence to serve across fields where proficiency in communication is placed high priority. The legacy of mentorship up to these merits will be kept intact.
  • DLE will institutionalize writing and communication support to the students and faculties of other Departments in the School through the establishment of a consolidated student support center, especially in research communication and professional development.
  • DLE will establish ways of extending its services to other KU Schools and affiliated institutions in areas of teacher education, pedagogical upgrade, and communication literacy.
  • Collegial mentorship to students will remain the motto of the DLE team. We will take pride in the increased graduation rate without compromising the quality of student research.

I heartily acknowledge the genuine efforts and achievements of my senior colleagues and mentors, who are DLE’s true pioneers and wish to work toward achieving the collective goals with their continued guidance and support.

Hem Raj Kafle, PhD

Associate Professor and Head